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Forms Hotline provides high security prescription pads that offer the latest fraud prevention technologies available that exceed the requirements as currently set forth by any state Board of Pharmacy and Federal Laws.  All Security Prescription Products Are Compliant With The 2007 AND 2008 New Requirement for Use of Tamper Resistant Prescription Pads Under the Medicaid Program. Section 1903b(i) of the Social Security Act (42 USC193b(i), paragraph (23).
Complies with California Department of Justice Security Printer Program, which requires a uniquely printed serial number on all RX effective 01/01/19.   

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  • Tamper resistant background ink shows attempts to alter script by patient.  Order Online
  • Hidden security “VOID” appears when photocopied. Order Online
  • Copy resistant security pantograph discourages duplication by high end Thermochromatic ink box shows "SECURE" when rubbed or heated. Order Online
  • All secure scripts have a high security watermark on reverse side which cannot be copied and can only be seen when held at an angle to a light source. Order Online
  • MicroPrint Security Borders: minute printing of a security message along the edges of a pad that fill in to form a slid line when digitally scanned or xerographically copied; also used in printing US currency. Order Online
  • Reverse printed RX (lighter colored) in upper corners of pad drop out when photocopied to appear white. Order Online
  • Each order has an individual numeric identifier so lost or stolen prescription pads can be invalidated. Order Online
  • Each sheet is sequentially numbered for internal and state-mandated record keeping. Order Online
  • Security features warning bands on front of script detail security features. Order Online
  • Penetrating magnetic ink is used to print your information on the script preventing chemical “lifting” of information during forgery.
  • Secure scripts have "coin reactive" ink. Message appears when the back of the pad is rubbed with a coin. 

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